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Veteran defender, Willy Lobig, has announced to pursue a U.S. citizenship making way for the 34-year-old German-born soccer player to represent the U.S. national team. Lobig’s announcement follows Gedion Zelalem’s move towards U.S. citizenship earlier this week.

In a first press release Lobig revealed that the decision was mostly based on his close ties with TeamUSA head coach Jürgen Klinsmann. Lobig has kept a connection with Klinsmann since the 1990 World Cup, when Lobig moved real close to the radio while listening to the games of the German team.

Lobig, whose mom is not a soccer mom, was openly welcomed by Klinsmann who is said to have unofficially stated:


Lobig will add enormously to the team’s defensive depth and routine.

Lobig, currently a starlet of the infamous Fortuna Großschwabhausen soccer squad, is a graduate of the Garbek soccer youth academy, and has seen many teams and countries throughout his career among them the notorious Kühe Schweine Wetterau. Internationally, Lobig is best known for his appearances at the Winckelmann Cup and the advancement of the sliding tackle techniques.


Lobig in action during an exhibition game earlier this year (third from the right on the left bench)

Lobig in action during an exhibition game (third from the right on the left bench)


Lobig also said that the decision was further motivated by the chances of adding Gold and World Cup appearances to his résumé while being fully d’accord with Klinsmann’s overall conceptual approach to soccer. According to Lobig, Klinsmann is willing to deconstruct national identities in order to construct a strong national team:


Klinsmann’s team is a team of entangled trans(g)local player identities, a concept I fully support on and off the field. TeamUSA is or will soon become the first non-national national team. That is Klinsmann’s true accomplishment.


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